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TON INU ecosystem is a comprehensive toolkit for the TON network, offering a diverse array of ton tools alongside essential Telegram bots and channels. Seamlessly navigate the decentralised landscape and unlock new possibilities for your journey.

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TINU - 4 steps to success

Unlock your journey to success with the TINU 4 Steps to Success program. From creating and launching to promoting your own jettons, we provide the tools and support to elevate your decentralised ambitions.

1. Create

Easily bring your vision to life with our intuitive jetton creation tool. No coding knowledge needed - just creativity and ambition to launch your unique token into the decentralised world!

2. Launch

Launch your jetton project confidently with our user-friendly launchpad. Seamlessly initiate presales and engage your community in supporting your vision for decentralised success.

3. Lock

Secure your assets and build trust with our locking tool. Safeguard liquidity pools and team jettons with ease, ensuring transparency and reliability in your decentralised endeavors.

4. Promote

Boost visibility and engagement for your jetton across TON INU's extensive network. Seamlessly promote your project via TON INU tools, apps, and bots, amplifying its reach and impact within the community.

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Looking for passive income?

Join TINU Revenue Share Program

Dive into the TINU Revenue Share Program, where stacking TINU jettons opens doors to earning shares in revenue. The more jettons stacked and the longer they're locked, the greater your proportional share in the program's rewards.

Terms & Conditions apply.


Buy $TINU jettons

Swap $TINU jettons using STON.FI decentralised exchange (DEX).


Stack $TINU jettons

Stack your $TINU jettons with our stacking contract. Learn more about $TINU stacking.


Get your share!

Receive your $TINU revenue share directly to your TON wallet.

Why choose us

Our Bots, Tools & Channels

We offer you many different tools that will make your crypto investment decisions easier. The following list is not exclusive.

TON INU Scanner

Conducts comprehensive scans of tokens within the TON network, providing essential information about each token. Join our TON INU Lounge to learn more.


DEmpower your Telegram experience with TON INU BuyBot. Stay informed about recent jetton purchases and seamlessly add insights to your chats, keeping your conversations on the pulse of decentralised finance. Learn more here.

TON INU Detector

Discover the freshest additions to the TON INU ecosystem with our Detector Channel. Stay informed about newly created jettons and liquidity pools, and seize opportunities as they arise in the dynamic world of decentralised finance. Click here to join.

TON INU Lounge

Join TON Lounge, the premier Telegram chat for discussing all things TON network and jettons. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, share insights, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the dynamic world of decentralised finance. Click here to join.

TON INU Trending

Stay ahead of the curve with TON INU Trending Channel, your go-to destination for discovering the latest trending jettons. Explore exciting projects, gain insights, and uncover opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralised finance. Click here to join.

And more...

More bots, tools & channels coming soon. Stay tuned!

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Don't know how to start? Follow this 3 easy steps!


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Swap $TINU Token

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Road Map

Our plans for future. Download PDF

January 2024

Token Launch
Token launched with LP burned. ✅ Complete

January 2024

Free Buybot
Design and implement a userfriendly buybot that operates seamlessly on the TON network. ✅ Complete

January 2024

Contact Scanner for TON
Develop a contact scanner tool that allows users to easily explore and analyze TON network contracts ✅ Complete

January 2024

BuyBot Trending
Implement trending functionalities to help users identify popular tokens and investment opportunities. ✅ Complete

February 2024

Token and Liquidity Detector
Develop a detector feature within the buybot that sends alerts when new tokens are created or liquidity is provided. ✅ Complete

February 2024

NFT Collection Creation
Launch an exclusive NFT collection on the TON network, creating unique and limited-edition digital assets ✅ Complete

February 2024

Locker for LP Tokens
Create a locker system where users can securely lock their liquidity provider (LP) tokens ✅ Complete

March 2024

Contract Creator
Develop a contract creator tool that allows users to deploy their tokens on the TON network with customizable tax and utility functionalities ✅ Complete

April 2024

Jetton Launchpad
Create a launchpad enabling users to orchestrate pre-sales and fund their projects seamlessly. ✅ Complete

May 2024

NFT Stacking
Introducing an innovative NFT stacking tool for maximizing utility and rewards within the TINU ecosystem.

June 2024

Implementing a decentralised autonomous organization (DAO) framework to empower community governance and decision-making within the TINU ecosystem.

July 2024



frequently asked questions

Your questions already answered

The Open Network (TON) is a decentralised and open internet platform made up of several components. These include: TON Blockchain, TON DNS, TON Storage, and TON Sites. TON Blockchain is the core protocol that connects TON’s underlying infrastructure together to form the greater TON Ecosystem.

TON is focused on achieving widespread cross-chain interoperability, while operating in a highly scalable secure framework. TON is designed to process millions of transactions per second (TPS), with the goal of eventually reaching hundreds of millions of users moving forward.

1) Download the Tonkeeper wallet here


Use Chrome extension here


Use telegram @wallet. Remember click 3 dots -> settings -> and select TON SPACE (this is your wallet to use with DEX)

2) Bridge TON using Fixed Float or using CEX

3) Buy token on STON.FI

To buy TINU NFT using getgems.io, follow these steps:

1. Visit the getgems.io website.

2. Connect your TON wallet by clicking 'Connect Wallet' in top right corner.

3. View TINU NFT Collection (Click here)

4. Click on the NFT to view more details and verify its authenticity.

5. If you're satisfied with the NFT, proceed to purchase it by clicking on the "Buy Now" button.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment process using the supported payment methods.

7. Once the payment is confirmed, the TINU NFT will be added to your account, and you can view it in your collection.

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